Hot dining spots nearby

Where's a hungry student to eat on a night on the town? Mainly somewhere somewhat international - Japanese, Chinese and Mexican. Here's where some of the strollers down Locust Walk like to dig in.

ZACHARY LODNER, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '02 "Genji's the spot. The sushi is awesome."

NATHAN THOMPSON, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '99 "I guess the New Deck. The menu's not bad and you can enjoy a beer with it."

SOLOMON STEPLIGHT, ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, MASTER'S "I never eat out. I cook. I learned my lesson. I don't have enough money to eat out."

JULIE FITZPATRICK, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '99 "The White Dog. It's a nice place to eat. I like the atmosphere. It's comfortable. If your family's in, it's a nice place to go."

DAFINA STEWART, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 Actually, I like Won's. It's on 40th Street. They have good food and the service is pretty good.

DAVID TOTURGUL, COLLEGE, CLASS OF'99 "The Hong Kong Cafe. It's reasonably priced and the food is really good. They're more generous with everything, with appetizers, and they're really friendly, too."

MELISSA WONG, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 "Beijing. I like Chinese food and it's a lot like home. It's clean, the prices are reasonable, a lot of people go there, it's very convenient."

JOSH CHESTER, ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, CLASS OF '01 "Mad 4 Mex. I like the food. It's cheap. The service is kind of bad, but everyone goes there just to have fun and it's a really fun atmosphere."

JIYOON KIM, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 "Chili's. I like their nachos and their appetizers and soups."

JOHN MCKENZIE, WHARTON, CLASS OF '01 "The White Dog is nice. I don't go there a lot because it's kind of expensive, but if I had the money I'd go there all the time."

JOHN HORROCKS, ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, CLASS OF '99 "Colonial Pizza. The prices are cheap and the food's good."

PETER HICKS, WHARTON, CLASS OF '01 "Mad 4 Mex is nice. The ambience is cool."

RAFAEL BLANES, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 "Genji. I like Japanese food and it's good food at a good price."

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Originally published on October 1, 1998