Hot dining spots nearby

Where's a hungry student to eat on a night on the town? Mainly somewhere somewhat international - Japanese, Chinese and Mexican. Here's where some of the strollers down Locust Walk like to dig in.

  • ZACHARY LODNER, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '02 "Genji's the spot. The sushi is awesome."

  • NATHAN THOMPSON, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '99 "I guess the New Deck. The menu's not bad and you can enjoy a beer with it."

  • SOLOMON STEPLIGHT, ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, MASTER'S "I never eat out. I cook. I learned my lesson. I don't have enough money to eat out."

  • JULIE FITZPATRICK, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '99 "The White Dog. It's a nice place to eat. I like the atmosphere. It's comfortable. If your family's in, it's a nice place to go."

  • DAFINA STEWART, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 Actually, I like Won's. It's on 40th Street. They have good food and the service is pretty good.

  • DAVID TOTURGUL, COLLEGE, CLASS OF'99 "The Hong Kong Cafe. It's reasonably priced and the food is really good. They're more generous with everything, with appetizers, and they're really friendly, too."

  • MELISSA WONG, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 "Beijing. I like Chinese food and it's a lot like home. It's clean, the prices are reasonable, a lot of people go there, it's very convenient."

  • JOSH CHESTER, ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, CLASS OF '01 "Mad 4 Mex. I like the food. It's cheap. The service is kind of bad, but everyone goes there just to have fun and it's a really fun atmosphere."

  • JIYOON KIM, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 "Chili's. I like their nachos and their appetizers and soups."

  • JOHN MCKENZIE, WHARTON, CLASS OF '01 "The White Dog is nice. I don't go there a lot because it's kind of expensive, but if I had the money I'd go there all the time."

  • JOHN HORROCKS, ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, CLASS OF '99 "Colonial Pizza. The prices are cheap and the food's good."

  • PETER HICKS, WHARTON, CLASS OF '01 "Mad 4 Mex is nice. The ambience is cool."

  • RAFAEL BLANES, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 "Genji. I like Japanese food and it's good food at a good price."

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Originally published on October 1, 1998