His co-workers said he'd end up working for Dining. They were right.

Adam Sherr

Photo by Candace diCarlo

You could probably say that Adam Sherr eats, sleeps and drinks Penn. Literally.

As marketing manager for Dining Services, Sherr helps determine what foods Penn students will feast on in the campus dining halls and the late-night eateries managed by Dining Services. And yes, he eats the same fare the students eat at lunch, and often at dinner, too.

Sherr hadn't planned to make a career out of food, though. Originally, he had other plans: "I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I came to Penn," he said. "I wanted to be a math teacher.

"I graduated four years later not knowing what I wanted to do. But I knew I had a great time at Penn, and when Dining Services offered me a full-time job, I snapped it up."

According to his Dining Services colleagues, this was destiny, for it turns out that Sherr's first taste of campus life was working in a dining hall, starting the August before he matriculated.

"As a Philadelphia student, [Dining] targeted me as someone who could work over the breaks and not have to 'go home,'" he said. "Starting in my sophomore year, the big joke was that I would end up working for Dining" after graduating.

The University City native still holds a special place in his heart for Penn and his undergraduate years here. But it's not the academics he prizes most.

"The social activities I was in - the Penn Band and the Glee Club - and working gave me the greatest pleasure," he said. He remains involved with the band today.

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Originally published on October 29, 1998