These people really work to keep Penn running

Penn has a reputation for having fiercely loyal alumni, whose gratitude to their alma mater shows in numerous ways. Some show it by serving as overseers or University trustees. Many show it by donating generously to Penn fundraising campaigns. All over campus, you will find the names of the most generous alumni emblazoned on buildings and programs: Dietrich. Fisher. Huntsman. Lauder. Steinberg.

Now consider these names: Berger. Golomb. Lacey. Montanaro. Stetson. You may or may not have heard of them, but they too rank among the alumni who have expressed their gratitude to Penn, but in a different way.

These alums chose to work at Penn after graduating, as faculty, staff or administrators. Like the buildings, endowed chairs and named programs, they too can be found all across the campus and at just about all levels of the University.

The reasons Penn alumni give for staying on as Penn employees are as varied as the employees are themselves. For some, like Marion Wyce (C'97), Penn offered an opportunity to explore career options. For others, like Adam Sherr (C'90), it was a way to continue those aspects of collegiate life they enjoyed. And for others, like the Winstons, Flaura (EE'83, GEng'84, GrE'89, M'90) and Ira (EE'80, GEng'83), it was because their interests and Penn's environment meshed perfectly.

The Current asked a few Penn alumni employees to talk about their work, why they stayed, and what they like about working at Penn.

They were meant for each other - and for Penn.

Penn hasn't looked the same since she started working for it.

His co-workers said he'd end up working for Dining. They were right.

Working in an academic community is the biggest fringe benefit.

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Originally published on October 29, 1998