What makes us scream!

That chill up your spine isn't the weather - it's Halloween. And what better way to get some vicarious, creepy kicks than by renting an all-time favorite horror flick?

Our fearless Locust Walk reporter set out alone to find out what scares you. Jason, Damien, Norman, Cher... Here are a few of your favorite frights of the night.

Anil Rajendra, College '01
"'The Original Friday the 13th.' It's the only horror movie that's ever given me nightmares."

Sara Thompson, College '02
"'The Shining.' All the blood coming out of the elevators really scared me as a child."

Dan Kirk, College '01
"'Omen.' It made a good horror movie because of all the satanic stuff."

Josh Cohen, College '01 and Elie Kobrin, College '01
"'The Birds.' They're everywhere. If they decided to take over the world they probably wouldn't have a hard time."

Carla Dorsey, Wharton '02
"'Psycho.' It's the only movie that REALLY scared me."

Courtney Meyers, Wharton '02
"'The First Power.' I was really scared because I was in the 5th grade when I saw it."

Patty Walshaw, College '01
"My favorite scary movie is 'The Shining' because of the little kid with the talking finger."

Sadeeka Scott, College '02
"Both 'Screams.' They reminded me of people I knew."

Daniel Fraidstern, College '00
"'Scream.' The girls are hot."

Rachel King, Engineering and Applied Science '99
"I don't watch scary movies because they terrify me and I jump out of my seat and scream and have to hide my face in a pillow."

Peter Trinh, Engineering and Applied Science Ph.D.
"'Carrie.' The last is scene is surprising and it always gets you."

Jim Springstead, Engineering and Applied Science '01
"I guess I'd say 'Psycho.' I think Hitchcock's use of suspense is ingenious."

William Magnum, College '02
"It's a toss-up between 'Child's Play' and 'Demon Knight.' 'Child's Play' is hilarious. 'Demon Knight' has everything from gore to action to scantily clad women."

Melissa Ken, College '02
"The best horror movie is 'Clueless.' It's scary that so many people could actually be like that."

-Margaret Tran

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Originally published on October 29, 1998