What makes us scream!

That chill up your spine isn't the weather - it's Halloween. And what better way to get some vicarious, creepy kicks than by renting an all-time favorite horror flick?

Our fearless Locust Walk reporter set out alone to find out what scares you. Jason, Damien, Norman, Cher... Here are a few of your favorite frights of the night.

  • Anil Rajendra, College '01
    "'The Original Friday the 13th.' It's the only horror movie that's ever given me nightmares."

  • Sara Thompson, College '02
    "'The Shining.' All the blood coming out of the elevators really scared me as a child."

  • Dan Kirk, College '01
    "'Omen.' It made a good horror movie because of all the satanic stuff."

  • Josh Cohen, College '01 and Elie Kobrin, College '01
    "'The Birds.' They're everywhere. If they decided to take over the world they probably wouldn't have a hard time."

  • Carla Dorsey, Wharton '02
    "'Psycho.' It's the only movie that REALLY scared me."

  • Courtney Meyers, Wharton '02
    "'The First Power.' I was really scared because I was in the 5th grade when I saw it."

  • Patty Walshaw, College '01
    "My favorite scary movie is 'The Shining' because of the little kid with the talking finger."

  • Sadeeka Scott, College '02
    "Both 'Screams.' They reminded me of people I knew."

  • Daniel Fraidstern, College '00
    "'Scream.' The girls are hot."

  • Rachel King, Engineering and Applied Science '99
    "I don't watch scary movies because they terrify me and I jump out of my seat and scream and have to hide my face in a pillow."

  • Peter Trinh, Engineering and Applied Science Ph.D.
    "'Carrie.' The last is scene is surprising and it always gets you."

  • Jim Springstead, Engineering and Applied Science '01
    "I guess I'd say 'Psycho.' I think Hitchcock's use of suspense is ingenious."

  • William Magnum, College '02
    "It's a toss-up between 'Child's Play' and 'Demon Knight.' 'Child's Play' is hilarious. 'Demon Knight' has everything from gore to action to scantily clad women."

  • Melissa Ken, College '02
    "The best horror movie is 'Clueless.' It's scary that so many people could actually be like that."

-Margaret Tran

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Originally published on October 29, 1998