We'd like to give thanks for...

Because Thanksgiving is almost upon us, we thought we'd ask what you were most thankful for right now. And since Thanksgiving is about family and friends, it's probably no surprise that most of you were thankful for your friends and families. But there were other blessings to count, just being alive among them. However, lest we forget, Thanksgiving is an American holiday and Penn is an international university.

  • John Primerano, College, Class of '02
    "Being alive, living in America. I like my life in general, and I like my family, too."

  • Erika Parkins, College, Class of '01
    "I'm thankful every year for my family, because they're very supportive, and we're very close."

  • Giuseppe Solde, Wharton MBA
    "I'm Italian, not American. It's something interesting to see, but for me, Thanksgiving doesn't mean that much."

  • Joe Romaine, College, Class of '99
    "Good music."

  • Oliver Olanoff, College, Class of '99
    "I'm thankful that I have a family to celebrate Thanksgiving with, because Thanksgiving is about family."

  • Jerry Russo, College, Class of '99
    "I'm thankful just to be alive, to tell you the truth. I'm just happy to be here. Every day is an opportunity to take advantage of."

  • Dan Mueller, Wharton, Class of '00
    "Two loving parents. They'll always be there for me."

  • Wesley Fung, College, Class of '00
    "I'm thankful for life, for being able to get a good education, for a good family and for God's grace."

  • Adam Warshafsky, College, Class of '00
    "I suppose it would be my family and my musical talent."

  • Craig Platt, College, Class of '02
    "I'm most thankful that I can bring my laundry home and have Mom do it."

  • Wynter Duncanson, Engineering and Applied Science, Class of '02
    "A lot of things: life, friends, being at Penn, God..."

  • Adria Hutson, College, Class of '02
    "I'm thankful for Jesus Christ, that he allowed me an opportunity to come to Penn, and he blesses me every day."

  • Samah Salman, Wharton, Class of '01
    "That I have supportive friends and family."

-Sandy Smith

Next issue - Our reporter on Locust Walk asks what you really want for the holidays.

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Originally published on November 12, 1998