Quickie lunch

Though the best quickie lunch options may not be the best anymore when too many people know about them, we figured we would ask — Where can we get a decent lunch in 15 minutes or less?

Pete Coppa, Wharton ’02
“I’ll go with the Greek Lady. She puts on a lot of sweet peppers.”

Libby Irwin, College ’02
“Williams [Hall]. It has a line but it’s not like a cafeteria. They have a mean salad and good oatmeal raisin cookies.”

Faye Iosotaluno, Wharton ’02
“I like the fruit salad trucks; it’s a healthy alternative.”

Vikram Veeramachaneni, College ’02
“The crepe truck [La Petite Creperie]. It’s decent money, cheaper and good food.”

Van Selby, College ’02
“The crepe truck is the best food truck by far in terms of taste, and not as greasy as other ones. You can get your food in 15 minutes, but not necessarily eat it.”

Erik Daron
“I’m an international student. I only know Wawa, but I think it’s not the best — it is near International House.”

Akshay Ghulati, Wharton ’04
“The Moravian Food Court. It’s the fastest.”

David Perrelli, College ’01
“The Casablanca food truck near the hospital outside Williams. I go there all the time. It’s very cheap and probably the best Middle Eastern food I’ve ever had — suprising from a truck.”

Jared Bassoff, College ’01
“Kim’s food truck by Gimbel. It’s cheap but it’s really good, too. You get a lot of food and it’s fresh.”

Meghan Bilton, College ’01
“Magic Carpet food truck. It’s the fastest thing around that’s healthy.”

Sarah Mutz, College ’01
“Magic Carpet food truck has a long line, but it’s a convenient location with all my classes around it. Plus, I’m a big fan of falafel.”

Matt Zerden, College ’01
“The food trucks by Gimbel. You have options, from Chinese to Quaker Shaker. It’s cheap, quick and good.”

Josh Newcomer, College ’01
“The Gold Standard. I get take out, and it’s pretty quality food considering the cost, with good sandwiches.”

Andrea Campbell, College ’03
“I would get a bagel at Wawa.”






Originally published on October 12, 2000