Campus Buzz

Solar flair: A new documentary film, “Raycing the Sun,” chronicles the latest efforts of the Penn Solar Racing Team to beat the best at the 2001 American Solar Challenge this past July. (How’d they do? You’ll have to watch the film.) The film, produced by local production company GreenWorks, received its premiere at the Engineering School Nov. 7. Several members of the team, including electrical crew leader Gary Lam (EAS’02), who was featured in the film, were on hand to answer questions from the audience. While WHYY-TV will air the film at an unspecified future date, you don’t have to wait to see it: Clips are available on line at

An effort that hits home: In connection with a class project, a group of Wharton Evening students—Blondell Cox (WEv’02), Teri Ewell (WEv’03), Alice D. Johnston (WEv’02), Gary Men-denhall (WEv’03), Mohammed S. Islam (WEv’02) and Ed Payne (WEv’03)—have teamed up to educate the Penn community about homelessness. As part of their effort, they are sponsoring a food and clothing drive that runs through the end of the semester. Items of clothing and non-perishable food can be dropped off in the lobbies of Sansom Place East and West; donations will be distributed to homeless people through Project Home. For more information about the drive, contact Islam at or at 215-417-4640.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Jonathan Lubin (C’05), for one. Lubin was one of 10 lucky students picked to appear on this year’s college edition of Regis Philbin’s ABC quiz show. Lubin was in New York to tape the show Nov. 14; as we went to press, the air date for the show had not been set.

Penn in ink: Philadelphia magazine profiled what it called the “76 Smartest Philadelphians” in its November issue, and Penn is well-represented in this local brain trust, with 18 current and former faculty members on the list. From A to Z, Penn’s intellectual stars are: Aaron Beck, the father of cognitive therapy; Baruch Blumberg, now head of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute; genetic research pioneer Ralph Brinster; Center for Bioethics Director and quotemeister nonpareil Art Caplan; Internet guru David Farber; Center for Greater Philadelphia Director Theodore Hershberg; Madeleine Joullié, who came up with a low-cost fingerprinting solution for the Secret Service; “Justice Talking” producer Kathryn Kolbert; free-speech defender Alan Charles Kors; Alan MacDiarmid, who won the Nobel Prize last year for discovering conducting polymers; landscape architect Laurie Olin; animal behavior expert Karen Overall; Professor of Philosophy and Law James Ross; civil-rights advocate David Rudovsky; urbanist and prolific author Witold Rybczynski; former Wharton prof and Philadelphia Fed chairman Anthony Santomero; breast-cancer expert Barbara Weber, and sociologist and race debunker Tukufu Zuberi. In addition, three Penn alums also made the list. By comparison, Princeton contributed one name to Philadelphia’s roster.

Originally published on November 29, 2001