Best eats

It’s time to go into training for the holiday eat-a-thon. To help you get into shape, we thought we’d look for some tips on the best campus eateries. The suggestions ran the gamut, from upscale restaurants to downscale lunch carts, good food being good food, no matter the price. But quality wasn’t the only consideration. Speedy service and proximity also colored people’s choices. So get ready to do some serious chowing down. Here’s where to go:

Administrative Assistant, Logan Hall
“My favorite place is Houston Hall. The food is great. I also go to Taco Pal, the Mexican food truck. It’s great, especially the chicken quesadillas. I go there once a week.”

Associate Director, Admissions and External Affairs

“I like the Middle Eastern food cart, Magic Carpet, mainly because of the vegetarian options. I personally am not vegetarian, but I prefer it.”

Assistant Graduation Auditor
“I go to Chili’s. The food is good and they’re clean. I also like the New Deck Tavern. It’s nice and has a good atmosphere.”

Administrative Assistant, Linguistics
“I love the Faculty Club. It has excellent soup, nice variety, excellent cooking, great staff. I also like the Gold Standard. I love the portabella mushroom sandwich. It’s the only thing I’ve actually eaten there. It’s just delicious.”

Visiting Faculty, Linguistics
“I mainly eat at the cafeteria downstairs in Williams. It’s the most practical.”

Associate Professor, Linguistics
“I like Le Anh, The Original. Actually, I go to both. They are easy, convenient, fast and cheap. I usually eat the broccoli chicken or the eggplant chicken, depending on which truck I go to. I like the food. I also like Beijing— because it’s fast. You can see where my priorities are. But I go to White Dog. It’s something a little nicer. Good food. Nice selection of things. There are two parts to it—the back and the front. The back is a little fancier, somewhere I wouldn’t go for lunch. So it’s usually the front.”

Administrative Assistant, Jewish Studies Program
“I love Hemo’s and Taco Pal. They’re my gold and silver depending on whether I go out. I go there because of the personalities of the owners. They give decent portions. …La Terrasse is good too. I went there for lunch today. My boss paid for it. Not out of his pocket though. I ordered the most expensive fish on the menu. Hors d’oeuvres. Dessert, too.”

—Abhimanyu Prakash

Originally published on November 29, 2001