Penn’s “greene countrie towne”

University city green space

These volunteer students and neighbors landscaping Calvary Church at the corner of South 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue in the spring got help from UC Green, which provided materials, mobilized the volunteers, helped with design and management, and arranged for funding.

UC Green, which receives administrative support from the University, helps neighbors carry out the greening of public spaces in University City. Since August 1998 it has helped landscape 25 blocks, helped plant three children’s gardens including the ones at Lea School and at 45th and Sansom streets, and helped plant about 500 trees, said UC Green Executive Director Esaúl Sanchez.

Sanchez previously was the project manager for UC Brite, which in 18 months helped the neighborhood and the University install 2,500 fixtures on 1,200 properties, bringing light and increased safety to dark city streets.

Originally published on January 24, 2002