New one-on-one coaching

A new program to help Penn staffers make the most of their professional lives has come to campus. Human Resources now offers free, one-on-one career coaching.

The program is open to all full- and part-time staff members, exempt and non-exempt.

Gale Lang, Learning and Education career coach, said the service is comprehensive. “[Career Development] covers a whole range of things from ‘how do I want to think about my career?’ to ‘how do I want to map out my career?’,” she said.

Those thinking about career moves, such as returning to school or moving to another job within Penn, can schedule confidential sessions with Lang, who said she even has lunch and 5 p.m. openings. And so far, Lang has not limited the number of sessions available to each person. “For some people, it’s been one conversation. For others, it’s been more,” she said.

Among the things Lang can help you to do: identify transferable skills, polish your interviewing techniques and revise your resume.

Lang, who previously helped adult students in the College of General Studies plan their careers, said the service can help individuals better understand how Penn works as a whole. “One thing that I’m seeing, and I experienced it myself as a staff member, is that Penn is a complicated place and we all see it from the vantage point that we are [in],” she said. “[Those] of us that are based in a center, school or department sort of see that piece of the Penn world. It’s hard for people to know how to navigate the larger world.”

So if you find a particularly appealing Penn job or are considering an additional degree, visit, where you can find the career-counseling registration form, or call Lang at 215-898-1371.

Originally published on January 24, 2002