At Work With...PennCard center staff

PennCard center staff

WHO THEY ARE: (foreground, right) Jeff Grigg, customer service representative, helping CGS student John Hayden; (behind him) Maralyne Dundovich, director; Malcolm Cotton, customer service representative, helping Fine Arts graduate student John Ryan; (background) Suzanne Bellan, assistant director; John Castrege, system administrator; and Peter Golden, programming consultant.

CARDS ISSUED IN A WEEK: At peak times, 500 ID cards each day, or 2,500 a week.

WHAT THEY DO: Besides producing ID cards, the center maintains the largest demographic database on campus, used by other campus offices, such as Student Financial Services and Dining Services.

CONTACT INFO: Web site:; phone: 215-417-CARD

Photo by Candace diCarlo

Originally published on February 7, 2002