A new look for Penn

The new look

The new look

Say bye-bye to Bulmer Italic. Penn’s official typeface has been retired as part of a project to create a unified image for the University in print and on the Web.

The centerpiece of the project is a new University logo, which got its first wide exposure on the new Penn Web site unveiled Aug. 26 as one of two key elements in an overall branding strategy for Penn. The other is the Web site itself, which is designed to give outside visitors a glimpse of what attending Penn would look like.

Deutsch, Inc., a New York advertising firm headed by Donny Deutsch (W’79), worked pro bono on the branding project, which included sruveys of students, faculty and staff and a telephone survey of more than 1,000 adults nationwide.

Retired version

Retired version

The telephone survey revealed much confusion about Penn. “Many Americans are not aware that Penn is in the Ivy League,” said Vice President for University Communications Lori Doyle.

In a presentation to the Trustees, Doyle identified the goal of the campaign as establishing a “clear brand identity” for Penn, one that conveys the message that Penn is “the Ivy League university that stands for the pursuit of intellectual and practical knowledge.”

Along with its use on the Web, the new logo is also available for use right now in stationery, business cards and other printed documents.

“New software [from Creative Communications] will make ordering business cards and letterhead easier,” Doyle said.

The logos replace graphics dating to the late 1970s and stationery designs created in 1986.

You can order new stationery and business cards via the Creative Communications Web site at www.upenn.edu/stationery.

Originally published on September 5, 2002