At Work With...The Travel Office

Travel Office

WHO THEY ARE: (left to right) Jim Davis, June Barber, Julie Wick, Michelle Williams and Susan Storb (seated on desk)

YEARS AT PENN: Davis, 12; Barber, 14; Wick, 8; Williams, 1; Storb, 8

WHAT THEY DO: Need to go away on business? Wick, who handles Penn’s travel account for American Express, can help you with the arrangements, and Davis will deliver your tickets if you prefer the personal touch. (Or you can save money and use the office’s Web site.) Barber, Williams and Storb take care of your requests for travel advances or reimbursement.

TRAVELERS SERVED: At peak periods, the office handles more than 1,000 advance and reimbursement requests each week. Last year, the office issued 9,800 tickets to Penn travelers.

CONTACT INFO: To book travel: 215-898-9439; for other matters: 215-898-3307; Web site:

Photo by Candace diCarlo

Originally published on September 5, 2002