Critics' picks

Jackie’s Artworks

Jackie’s Artworks

“The Alchemist” (sculptor unknown, 1940; Chemistry Building, rear wing): “One of my favorite pieces since I was a grad student.”

Ben Franklin statue (John Boyle, 1899; College Green, in front of College Hall): “I couldn’t do without at least one Ben Franklin.” This is her favorite of the three outdoor Bens on campus.

“Covenant” (Alexander Lieberman, 1974; 39th and Locust Walk): “I’m excited by the forms, the structure, the idea that it’s an entrance and archway, and the color is just wonderful.”

“Africa,” “Asia,” “America” and “Europe” (Alexander Sterling Calder, 1931; on Stoner Courtyard entrance gates, University of Pennsylvania Museum): “This is another group of objects I find interesting.”

Samuel Yellin ironwork sketches (1920s; in main stairwell of the Inn at Penn): “[These are] wonderful drawings. And Yellin has strong ties to West Philly.”

Charlie’s Buildings

Fisher Fine Arts Library (Furness, Evans & Co., 1891): “What a blast this building is!”

Quadrangle Dormitories (Cope and Stewardson and others, 1895-1955): “It’s a takeoff on an English ‘college’ but it is beautifully done, with wonderfully scaled courtyards and gateways and towers and roofs and carving and chimneys and windowed bays and….”

Module VII Chilled Water Plant (Leers Weinzapfel Architects, 2000): “Art and utility meet—a simple screening device transforms a utility plant into a major sculptural element in the landscape/cityscape/highwayscape, perfectly scaled for its location.”

Richards Medical Research Building (Louis Kahn, 1960): “It never really worked as a research building, but [it is] still a masterful articulation and integration of forms and systems.”

Silverman Hall (Cope and Stewardson, 1900): “It’s just plain beautiful.”

In addition to these works of art, these locations on campus display changing exhibitions:

Architectural Archives (Kroiz Gallery) and the Arthur Ross Gallery: In the Fisher Fine Arts Library building, 220 S. 34th St.

Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall: 200 S. 36th St.

Institute of Contemporary Art: 118 S. 36th St.

Meyerson Hall Gallery: 210 S. 34th St.

Illustration by Brian Biggs

We asked Jackie Jacovini (GFA’84), curator of the University art collection, and Charlie Newman (FA’75,WG’81), University architect, to pick five of their favorite artworks and buildings on campus.

Originally published on January 16, 2003