Brod Barnville and Richard Graham

Snow crew

WHO THEY ARE: Urban park employees, Facilities Services
YEARS AT PENN: Barnville (left), 11 years; Graham (right), 1 year
WHAT THEY DO: When a major snowstorm hits, as many as 40 Facilities Services employees, including Barnville and Graham, answer the call to shovels and snow-removal machinery, including snowblowers, brushes, plows and salt spreaders. It takes the crew about two hours to do a complete pass of campus walkways and steps if there’s not much traffic; snow-clearing takes about an hour longer if there are lots of people about. Facilities will also clear snow and ice from specific campus pathways and steps on request.
CONTACT INFO: Facilities Call Center, 215-898-7208

Photo by Candace diCarlo

Originally published on January 16, 2003