Masch joins cabinet

Gov. Ed Rendell (C’65) has tapped Mike Masch, vice president for budget and management analysis, to be his chief number-cruncher again.

Masch served as then-Mayor Ed Rendell’s budget director during Rendell’s first term at Philadelphia City Hall. As of Jan. 20, he is doing the same thing for Rendell in Harrisburg, serving as budget secretary in the new administration.

In addition to serving as Penn’s budget director for the past six years, Masch sat on the city’s School Reform Commission.

President Judith Rodin announced that Bonnie Gibson, executive director of administrative affairs for the Office of the Provost, will serve as acting executive director of budget and management analysis while Masch takes a leave of absence from his Penn post.

Administrators praised Masch’s ability and Rendell’s decision.

“We are honored that Gov. Rendell has tapped Mike Masch to serve as his new budget secretary,” Rodin said. “The citizens of Pennsylvania are indeed fortunate that Mike is willing to assume this important role.”

Provost Robert Barchi said, “Mike Masch has been a terrific budget director for Penn, guiding us through critical institutional changes and difficult economic times. Fortunately, Bonnie Gibson provides the kind of continuity and expertise we need right now and we’re grateful she was willing to step up to the plate.”

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Originally published on January 30, 2003