Hoard of the Rings

It’s difficult generating excitement for the Oscars here at Penn—at least that’s the impression we got when we asked around. Many of you didn’t even know who was being nominated this year, that is, unless you were a Tolkien fan. It’s clear as day to those folks who deserves to go home with the golden man.

Assistant, Political Science
“I only vote for anything that’s ‘Lord of the Rings’… I just saw ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ this weekend. It was the funniest movie! I think it had a great script.”

Teaching Fellow, English
“Julianne Moore [‘Far From Heaven’] should win both actress in a leading role and actress in a supporting role. ‘The Hours’ should win for best picture.”

Admissions Assistant, College of General Studies
“Definitely ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ And need there be any explanation? I am a Tolkien fan from back in the ’60s. This is the series of movies for the century. Definitely. There will be no other movie made in this century with as rich a literary foundation.”

Chair, English
“I would go for Michael Caine [‘The Quiet American’] as best actor because I have to support a working-class English guy, Nicole Kidman as best actress, Christopher Walken as best supporting actor because I still remember him from ‘Pulp Fiction.’ And I would go for ‘The Hours’ for both best picture and directing.”

Senior Administrative Assistant, College of General Studies
“I’ve only seen ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ So I guess I would vote for that. I really liked it. Salma Hayek was good in ‘Frida.’ I love Christopher Walken [‘Catch Me if You Can’], but I didn’t see the movie he was nominated for. I think ‘Bowling for Columbine’ was an excellent film. It made the audience make its own conclusion. There were really insightful interviews with people.”

Writing Instructor/Ph.D.
student, English
“I think as far as supporting roles go, Chris Cooper [‘Adaptation’] and Kathy Bates [‘About Schmidt’] will win. I think Daniel Day-Lewis should win for ‘Gangs of New York’ based on his mustache alone.”

Staff assistant, English
“The best picture should be ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,’ which is standing proof that the second time around can be as good as the first.”

Lecturer in Creative Writing, English
“Michael Caine was magnificent in ‘The Quiet Amercian’ so he should win actor in a leading role award. I loved Christopher Walken ever since ‘The Deer Hunter.’”

—Eden Lin and Wei Ming Yen Dorado

Originally published on March 20, 2003