News briefs

¿Habla español?

Knowledge@Wharton, the Wharton School’s online business journal, is now available in Spanish and Portuguese thanks to a collaboration between Knowledge@Wharton and, the largest university Web portal in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. The new Web site, called Universia Knowledge@Wharton, features both archived Knowledge@Wharton content and new articles written especially for the initiative. Knowledge@Wharton, created in May 1999, was deemed the top business school Web site in the January 2002 issue of Inc.

All aboard

UPS Foundation Professor of Transportation Edward K. Morlok has designed a new train car that will allow passengers in wheelchairs to board at traditional low-level platforms, thereby eliminating the need for problematic high-level platforms that interfere with freight traffic. Traditional train cars are inaccessible to the disabled because they have a floor level several feet above the height of low-level platforms. In order to accommodate disabled passengers, many train stations have built higher-level platforms, which block passage of wide freight trains. Morlok’s train car is divided into three segments; the two ends are at the level of a high platform, while the middle segment is at the level of a low platform. Since the floor level for the middle segment is so low, a second level can be put on top of it. This innovation increases the passenger capacity from 94 to roughly 130.

$2 million facelift

Come the end of this summer, the School of Veterinary Medicine‘s New Bolton Center will have a new, state-of-the-art operating room in the C. Mahlon Kline Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center. Improvements to the large animal facility are part of a $2 million dollar expansion and renovation initiative. In addition to a new operating room, the center will also make minor changes to the existing recovery pool and add another recovery stall.

Originally published on March 20, 2003