The tax man giveth

What Uncle Sam takes away, he sometimes gives back. And boy there’s not a single one among you who don’t already have plans for your income tax return. Catching up on past due bills is the general trend although some have more lavish plans, like a trip to Mexico, for that shiny penny.

Sharon Mulholland
Program Coordinator, Office of the Vice Dean, Wharton Undergraduate Division

“We don’t plan on spending the money. My husband has just retired, so he’s consolidating and regrouping.”

Tifphani C. J. Fernandes
Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs, Wharton Graduate Division
“I’m not spending it at all because I owe the government money.”

Anne Marie Pitts
Administrative Assistant, English
“Mine’s already spent, so there’s no plan.”

Brian Kirk
Computer Local Support Provider, English
“Pay off my student loans.”

Tim Albro
Coordinator of Graduate English
“Traveling. Atlanta, Ga.”

Marva Green
Business Administrator, Bennett Hall Business Administration Services
“I’m going to pay credit card bills, car repairs, and put some in my savings.”

Tyesh Grundy
Administrative Assistant, Bennett Hall Business Administration Services
“Vacation and also savings.”

Yen Ling Shek
Program Coordinator, Pan-Asian American Community House
“Depends on how much I get back. Most likely I will pay my bills.”

Ajay T. Nair
Director, Pan-Asian American Community House
Assistant Director, Asian American Studies
“I am not sure if I will get a refund. If I do get a refund I will try to find a worthwhile investment. But I am doubtful that I will get a refund.

Sean Vereen
Program Coordinator, MAKUU: Black Cultural Center
“I am probably going to put it in savings so that I can pay off my student loans eventually.”

Courtney Mandryk
Assistant to the Director, Kelly Writers House

“I have been very thrifty this year tracking my money to the quarter, and I got quite a large tax return and I plan to blow it on a trip to Mexico.”

—Wei Ming Yen Dorado and Eden Lin

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Originally published on April 17, 2003