AWARDS & HONORS/Top Cops Honored

Credit safer streets and happier communities to these Penn heroes, who were recognized for their “quick response” and “diligent actions” in a May 13 Public Safety commendations ceremony: Michael J. Fink, Christopher Denshuick, Domenic DiLorenzo, Michael Sylvester, Denis Daly, Rudi Palmer, Craig Everage, Gary Williams, John Newton, Joanne Ketler, John Alexander, Hayward Cureton, Andrew Malloy, Eric Rohrback, Henry Vega, Perdetha Watson, Nicole Wilson, Darren Young, Chuck Schull, James Orman, Christina Boston and Dennis Hill. The Undergraduate Assembly also recognized Penn Police Officers Floyd Johnson and Ken Yuen for their professionalism and commitment to University life.

Originally published on July 17, 2003