Saving energy one monitor at a time

Penn’s Facilities and Real Estate Services Division and Facilities and Real Estate Services Network Administrator Parmenus Bowler were singled out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in July for their achievements in the EPA Energy Star program’s Million Monitor Drive. Bowler received an award from the EPA for installing software that automatically puts monitors to sleep when not in use on every computer in the division. The division itself was honored for its participation in the national program, which seeks to install energy-saving power-management tools on 1 million computers nationwide.

The National Association of Small Business Development Centers has awarded full accreditation to the Pennsylvania Small Businesss Development Centers (SBDCs). Based at the Wharton School, the Pennsylvania SBDCs harness the resources of 15 of Pennsylvania’s top colleges and universities to to promote entrepreneurship across the state. Accreditation means that the SBDCs’ programs meet a strict set of standards for efficiency and effectiveness, guided by the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Awards.

Alfred P. Fishman, professor of medicine and director of the Office of Complementary and Alternative Therapies at the School of Medicine, has been appointed to the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by the American Public. The committee was established by the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a one-year review of how best to identify, study and evaluate the effectiveness of existing alternative therapies with an eye on incorporating those that prove effective into conventional medical practice.

Originally published on September 4, 2003