Their primary concern

The folks in Iowa and New Hampshire have had their say on who the Democrats should choose as their presidential candidate. Unfortunately, we Pennsylvanians don’t get our say until late in the spring, by which time the nomination is usually in the bag. So we thought we’d offer you a chance to cast your straw vote now, while the prize is still up for grabs. The responses we got appear to confirm Marie Gottschalk’s observation (see “Election,” page 5) that for Democrats, ousting President Bush is priority number one.

Michelle Commercio
Ph.D. student, Political Science
“Dennis Kucinich. He was a little radical, left wing, probably there to raise issues. I like his left-oriented thinking and very liberal views.”

Cynthia Arkin
Associate Director, Collection Development and Special Collections, Biddle Law Library
“I’d vote for Dean. I think the country has a very serious disease called the Bush administration. It could use a good doctor.”

Eoghan Ballard
Administrative Assistant, College of General Studies
“I’m still out on that one. My only concern is who will be capable of beating George Bush. We have to save the country from total ruin.”

Jason Hinebaugh
Graphic Design Intern, School of Arts and Sciences External Affairs
“John Kerry, because I think he has a shot.”

Andrea M. King
Higher Education Division Coordinator, Graduate School of Education
“I haven’t made an actual decision yet, but if pressed, Howard Dean solely because he isn’t afraid to say what he believes in regardless of the repercussions.”

Adam B. Sherr
Associate Director of Academic Affairs, School of Nursing
“I think I would vote for John Edwards. Dean and Kerry do not have a chance of beating Bush and that, I feel, should be the Democrats’ main goal.”

DeAnna Cheung
Assistant Director, Graduate Student Center
“I haven’t made up my mind yet, but Kerry, Dean, Edwards, and Wesley Clark all have qualities which make them viable candidates for president. I think the positive aspect of having so many choices is that no matter who wins the primary, we will have a strong ticket for the election.”

Sue Smith
Associate Director for Communications, College Houses and Academic Services
“Howard Dean, because he is against the war in Iraq and because I’m just as angry as he is about the policies and priorities of the Bush administration.”

Marshall Leroy Smith
Communications Manager, College of General Studies
“I’ll vote for a chimp, if that’ll beat Bush.”

Originally published on January 29, 2004