HR serves self-improvement at lunch

Focus on your career and your well-being with help from the folks at Human Resources. Take advantage of these upcoming free Learning and Education programs and Quality of Worklife workshops.

For course locations and more information on Learning and Education programs, call 215-898-3400 or visit Registration required for most programs.

QOWL course locations and online registration can be found at, by calling Human Resources at 215-898-5116 or by e-mailing For personalized assistance with dependent care issues and personal well-being, contact Penn’s EAP and Work & Family Services provider, Penn Behavioral Health, at 1-888-321-4433 or go online to

Quality of Worklife workshops

Handling the Difficult and Angry Customer

Maintaining effective relationships relies on the ability to navigate through difficult and angry people. We may not be aware of how they affect us. This workshop will help us gain that insight and give practical, hands-on solutions to dealing with difficult employees, family members, supervisors, clients and customers. This workshop is sponsored by Human Resources and led by an expert from Penn’s Employee Assistance Program and Work & Family Services Provider. Please feel free to bring a brown bag lunch.

-Feb. 12, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Selecting the Right Care for Your Child

Making the right decision is not always easy. And when that decision affects our children, we want to make sure we have considered all our options so that we can make the best decision possible. This seminar will look at various options including child-care centers, family child care, in-home services and summer camps. Questions that need to be considered include:

What is a realistic cost for care and what can I afford?

How much lead time do I need in order to reserve an opening?

What questions should I ask in a telephone interview?

What should I look for during a visit to the provider?

How do I monitor the care after my child is enrolled?

Feb. 26, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Learning and Education program

Brown Bag Matinee: “Flight Of The Buffalo”

The American buffalo gather in a herd. There is a single leader. If you stampede the head buffalo over a cliff, the rest of the herd will surely follow to disaster. Geese are very different. They fly in a team, a V-formation, and each bird takes its turn fighting the wind, being the leader. That means each one has to know the common destination. At any given moment, each bird must be capable of leading all the others.

“The Flight Of The Buffalo” video presents these metaphors and then demonstrates how the new paradigm has helped three diverse organizations improve their performance dramatically. See how today’s leaders are making the change to letting employees lead.

Feb. 18, noon-1 p.m.

Originally published on February 12, 2004