At Work With...Mihaela Farcas

Mihaela Farcas

WHO SHE IS: Director, Office of Off-Campus Living


WHAT SHE DOES: “Miki,” seen here counseling a student seeking an apartment, is the go-to person for information about landlords and rentals in University City, Center City and beyond. While students are her primary clients, faculty and staff can also consult her for counseling on landlord-tenant problems or specialized assistance with housing searches.

CLIENTS SERVED: Last year, 725 people sought advice on landlord-tenant problems and more than 100,000 housing searches took place on the office web site. About 10 percent of office clients were faculty and staff.

CONTACT INFO: Office: 4046 Walnut Street; web site:; phone: 215-898-8500

Photo by Daniel R. Burke

Originally published on February 12, 2004