UPHS applies Delta force to patient safety

The University of Pennsylvania Health System has opened a new front in the ongoing fight to ensure top quality health care: It has called in the Delta Team to provide reinforcements for patient safety.

With nearly 100 members drawn from every area and level of Health System operations, the Delta Team will serve as peer educators, sharing information about best practices in patient safety after completing a one-year training program that began Feb. 5.

According to Health System Public Affairs Officer Sarah Jarvis, this is the first time an American health care system has undertaken such an effort. “Other institutions may get a consultant to come in from outside and do a training session,” she said. “This was designed by the Health System.” In addition to doctors, nurses and frontline employees, the heads of all Health System hospitals will complete the training.

The Delta Team is part of a systemwide effort that includes improved incident tracking and better sharing of data on patient-safety problems across the system.

Originally published on February 26, 2004