Ask Benny: Why wait to inaugurate?

Dear Benny,
Since Dr. Gutmann arrived at Penn at the beginning of July, why is her inauguration not happening until October?
— Impatient for Inauguration

Dear Policy Prober,
Leslie Kruhly, secretary of the University, explained it this way: “The inauguration is such an important event for the University community, drawing distinguished guests from across the country, that it is being held within the school year so that the greatest number of faculty, students and staff can attend.
“ Dr. Gutmann’s inaugural is being held in conjunction with the fall meetings of the University’s Board of Trustees, and also Homecoming Weekend, so that alumni may also participate.
“ At most institutions, inaugurations are held within one year of the initial appointment and aren’t timed to coincide with the new president’s assuming office.”


Dear Benny,
Can I get a month-to-month membership at Pottruck Center or Hutchinson Gym?
— Fitness Fan

Dear Eager Exerciser,
While you can join the gym at any time, you can’t get a month-to-month membership.
According to Christine Clay, associate director of marketing and membership for Penn Recreation, though, requests from patrons have inspired them to institute a new prorated membership schedule, which will take effect in September. This means that if you join the gym mid-term you won’t have to pay for a whole semester of fitness. Rather, if you join closer to midterm, your fee will be only half of the faculty and staff per-semester fee.

Originally published on July 8, 2004