People's Choice: What's your season?  

We recently wondered how the mood of the Penn campus might change along with the change of the seasons, so we asked faculty and staff this simple question: Do you prefer summer or fall?

What did we hear? Well, a little big of everything. Here’s a sampling:

Professor, Center for Programs in Contemporary Studies/Women’s Studies
“When I’m in the U.K. I prefer the summer because those warm, sunny days are just so precious—and it rarely gets oppressively hot. When I’m in Philadelphia I prefer fall because you get the sunshine, but without the heat. And the colors are just spectacular. Nothing better than tramping through the Wissahickon as the leaves change and fall.”

Executive Director, Insitute for Environmental Studies
“Most people in the department prefer the summer. It allows people to travel and do their fieldwork. During this time, the faculty gets to do what they really love.”

Professor, Legal Studies; faculty director of College Houses and Academic Services
“Fall is my favorite time of the whole year. My family and I love it when people come back: everyone is full of energy, old friends get back together, and we get to make new friends. Plus, we live in Stouffer College House, which is empty all summer, and that gets a little spooky. One can’t help but recall “The Shining” took place in a large, empty residential building. At a University, fall is like spring in that everything is fresh and new things are born. I love the fall.”

Professor, Engineering and Environmental Geology
“ I’m usually so busy that I don’t notice the season change. The weather in the fall is much better, and I prefer having the students around. The department becomes lonely in the summer when students and faculty do field work and attend geology camps.”

Administrative Assistant, Department of Environmental Science
“Summer all the way!”

Originally published on October 7, 2004