At Work With...Corky Cacas

Corky Cacas

WHO SHE IS: Director of Admissions, Penn Dental

YEARS AT PENN: After working at Penn from 1977 through 1989, Cacas left and then returned in 1997.

WHAT SHE DOES: Cacas is in charge of the admissions office, and has been behind the selections of Penn Dental students since 1997. “I screen applications and basically coordinate everything that goes on in this office,” she says.

DENTAL TRENDS: Cacas says applications and interest in dental programs has been on the rise the past few years. There has been a noticeable increase in interest, especially among women. “There are more females applying, because they've discovered the profession in terms of lifestyle and career—there's some flexibility to have another life. ”

CONTACT INFO: 215-898-8943

Originally published on April 14, 2005