At Work With...Erika Krick

Erika Krick

WHO SHE IS: Resident in Oncology, Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital

YEARS AT PENN: Nearly 6. Krick V'02 was a student here, then an intern, before starting her residency in July.

WHAT SHE DOES: Krick helps treat animals suffering from cancer. And though animals suffer from the same kinds of cancers as humans, treatment is slightly different, Krick says. “Our goal is to try and induce remission and prolong quality of life. We tend not to treat our patients too hard, so our incidence of side effects is really low.” Since the chemotherapy is less aggressive, for instance, pets treated usually don’t lose their hair.

HOW DO THE ANIMALS HANDLE IT?: “Most of them handle it really well,” Krick says. Plus, the staff is fond of spoiling their patients with treats. “They get fussed over,” she says. 

Originally published on May 12, 2005