Ask Benny: Can I get cash back for working out?

Dear Benny,
A friend told me I can get a discount on my membership at Pottruck through my Keystone Health Plan East insurance plan. Is this true, and how does it work?
—Willing to Jog for Money

Dear Fit and Thrifty,

Your friend was right, you are indeed eligible for a discount—if you hit the gym often enough.

Here’s how it works. If you get your health insurance through Keystone or Personal Choice, which is also administered by Blue Cross, just call the Member Services phone number on the back of your card (215-241-2273) and follow the prompts to get to Healthy Lifestyles. The customer service rep will help you set up an account and give you a pin number.

Next time you’re at the gym go to the back of the entrance level (if you’re entering from Walnut Street) and you’ll see a public phone to your right. The instructions are right there on the wall, so you don’t need to remember the number to call. (But here it is anyway—1-800-971-3182.) You’ll follow prompts to enter your insurance group number or your social security number followed by your pin number. A voice recording will tell you how many visits you’ve made so far.

To get a $150 credit toward gym membership, you need to visit the gym 120 times within the year that you start the program. That’s just a little over twice a week.

Go to for a list of all the fitness centers members can go to for this discount.


Originally published on September 22, 2005