At work with...Sandy Ramos

Sandy Ramos

Sandy Ramos

Photo credit: Mark Stehle

WHO SHE IS: Assistant Manager of PennCom Operations



WHAT SHE DOES: Ramos (at right in photo) oversees the daily operations at PennCom, which handles police and emergency communications throughout the campus area. “It’s a little bit of everything,” Ramos says. “PennCom is responsible for all the police communications, the 511 lines, the emergency lines. We take over 100,00 calls a year.”

WATCHING TV:Ramos and her fellow PennCom staffers share the responsibility of watching the more than 250 security monitors, spread around campus and beyond, that can help police stop crime. It’s a hard job. To stay fresh, Ramos said, staffers switch off every couple hours. “They don’t have to watch the TVs all day. It gives them a little change of pace.”

IS IT STRESSFUL?: Ramos admits the job can be pressure-packed, but she also says she likes “being on the edge.”

Originally published on December 8, 2005