Paula Rogers

Paula Rogers

WHO SHE IS: Assistant to the Associate General Manager, WXPN


WHAT SHE DOES: “I’m kind of a jack-of-all trades,” says Rogers. “I’ll do whatever needs to be done. If it’s outside of my job, that’s fine.” That includes making sure all WXPN donors receive their CDs, handling all underwriting checks, lending a hand during fund drives, organizing hundreds of resumes from jobseekers and setting up interviews.

MUSIC SHE LOVES, THANKS TO ’XPN: Ray LaMontagne (“I love his music. I love it.”) and Beth Orton’s “Comfort of Strangers.”

IN HER SPARE TIME: Rogers works with Rescue Animal Placements, a group that takes animals from shelters and places them in foster homes before they are adopted. She got her Rottweiler mix through the group. Rogers also hopes to train with Noah’s Wish, an animal rescue group that collects, tags and adopts animals left in disaster areas.

Originally published on February 23, 2006