Grace Allen-Sheppard

Grace Allen-Sheppard

WHO SHE IS: Operational assistant, Pottruck Center


WHAT SHE DOES: Allen-Sheppard makes sure Pottruck patrons are supplied with towels, locks and fitness equipment.

WHY EARLIER IS BETTER: “I’m the 6 a.m. shift. I interact with the early birds. I enjoy it because you know the people coming through the doors are committed to what they’re doing.” Plus, she says, “They’re so very pleasant.”

AFTER HER SHIFT:“I’m doing the elliptical and the weights. I’m up to two days a week. My goal now is three days a week and to focus more on the elliptical. Everyone’s very helpful if I go out on the floor after work. We talk about diets, lightening up on myself. They say ‘Just go for it.’”

Originally published on March 16, 2006