Melissa Brown

WHO SHE IS: Volunteer and Student Coordinator, WXPN


WHAT SHE DOES: Brown seeks out, schedules and coordinates about 800 active volunteers at the radio station, ranging from college students to retirees.

WHY DO PEOPLE VOLUNTEER?: “Because they want to do something more than be a member,” says Brown, “or they can’t afford to be a member but still want to give something back.”

BUSIEST DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday, when Brown has to wrangle volunteers for the Free at Noon concerts.

BUSIEST TIME OF YEAR: Right around now, since ’XPN is in the middle of a pledge drive—with hundreds of volunteer slots to fill.

WHY PLEDGE TIME IS FUN: “Volunteers get to know other people who love ’XPN and the music. Sometimes people volunteer to expand their social pool. And there’s good food to eat, too.” Soon Brown will be looking for volunteers for July’s Music Festival at Camden’s Wiggins Park.

WHAT SHE'S LISTENING TO: Citizen Cope and Jack Johnson

CALL HER AT: 215-746-5857

Originally published on June 8, 2006