Is the College of General Studies a ‘school?’

Dear Benny,
What's the story with the College of General Studies? I thought Penn had 12 schools. I noticed in a booklet titled "Proudly Penn," page 80, that was delivered with the September/October 2006 Gazette, that 13 schools are listed and the College of General Studies is one of the schools. How does CGS fit in at Penn?
—Speculating About Schools

Dear Speculator,
Loraine Boehmcke, director of public relations in the School of Arts and Sciences, explains that CGS is one of three divisions of SAS (the other two are the College of Arts and Sciences, the undergraduate division; and the graduated division, which offers doctoral training and master's programs). The College of General Studies is the home of continuing education for the University and provides a range of learning opportunities for non-traditional students, including adults who are seeking to earn a B.A. on a part-time basis, certificate programs and professional master's programs for working professionals, personal enrichment courses and summer programs for college and high-school students.

As to why CGS is listed on page 80 of the "Proudly Penn" brochure—John Gillespie, senior staff writer in the Development and Alumni Relations communications office, says that CGS is listed simply because many alumni consider it an important entity and want a contact number. CGS is not actually listed in the "Twelve Points of Pride" chapter in the brochure, which includes a short description of Penn's 12 schools.

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Originally published on October 19, 2006