By the Numbers: East campus development

As Penn President Amy Gutmann told a crowd at World Cafe Live last month (see article in the Oct. 19 Penn Current), the University’s plan to expand campus eastward toward the Schuylkill River may be one of the most important development projects in recent Philadelphia history. It’s certainly one of the largest, as these numbers attest.

6.7 billion

Estimated total cost, in dollars, of the east campus development project, according to Penn Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli. Seem like a lot? It is, but also consider that the development will spread out over the next 30 years.

2.5 million

Total square feet of space being developed by Sasaki Associates—the design firm hired by Penn to handle the east camp


Number of beds planned for a new college house, one of the key elements of the campus plan.


Projected percentage by which campus green space will be increased by 2010, due in large part to the east campus plan. Early plans call for the developed areas to include playing fields and other open spaces.


Acres out of the entire 24-acre postal parcel that are currently being used as paved parking lots. But Gutmann says University planners believe those flat boring acres can be much more—specifically, in her words, “a bit of paradise.”

Originally published on November 2, 2006