Penn Card


The PennCard is the only official University identification card for students, faculty, staff and other affiliated members of the Penn community. Created by the PennCard Center, at 3451 Walnut St., 150 Franklin Building, the card allows its holder to gain access to a wide variety of services at Penn, including admission to buildings, recreation and art facilities, and Penn Transit.


In this edition of By The Numbers, we card check the PennCard.


Year when PennCards were introduced. Before 1986, the year-round carding operation was handled by the Division of Public Safety.


Approximate number of PennCards produced every year – one for every three minutes that the PennCard Center is open.


Approximate percentage of PennCards that are made for students, followed by staff and faculty. Visiting Scholars, University Trustees, alumni or another members of the Penn community can get PennCards too.


Price of the PennCard. It is issued at no cost.

3 million-plus

Number of times each year that a PennCard is swiped to shop at the Bookstore, in a Penn dining hall, to make a photocopy or grab a quick snack from a vending machine.


Price to replace a lost or stolen PennCard.


Year in which the PennCard Center introduced KidsCards for children of faculty, staff and alumni. These cards were offered during Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and for Homecoming.


Number of new services offered at the PennCard Center: Notary services, passport photos and United States Postal Service “Forever” stamp books.

Originally published on December 3, 2009