Penn introduces a new way to collect your pay

Penn is stepping up its commitment to sustainability by introducing a new and paperless way to get your pay.

Beginning this spring, the University will stop issuing paper paychecks. Employees will instead have the choice of receiving their pay through either direct deposit or the new ADP TotalPay Card system.

“This will make payday easier, as both options offer advantages over paper checks. You won’t have to make special trips to pick up your checks, stand in line to deposit or cash your checks, or pay check-cashing fees,” says Terri Pineiro, director of Payroll and Individual Disbursement Services.

Employees already enrolled in the direct deposit program don’t need to do anything—their paychecks will continue to be deposited into their account. But if you currently receive paper paychecks, you will have to choose a new payment option by Thursday, April 14.

Direct deposit transmits your pay into your personal U.S. bank account every payday and gives you immediate access to your funds. But with the TotalPay Card system, you do not need to have a bank account.

TotalPay provides employees with a Visa debit card, self-service checks and a personalized online account. Your pay is automatically loaded into your TotalPay Card account, giving you immediate access to your funds. Participants can use the Visa debit card to make purchases, pay bills online, withdraw money from ATMs, and get cash back after purchases.

If you currently receive a paper paycheck and you don’t make a selection by April 14, you will automatically receive a TotalPay Card kit at your home address. It will arrive in a generic envelope and you should keep the card in a safe place. You will continue to get paper paychecks until Penn completes the transition to TotalPay in late June. Then, your pay will be automatically deposited in your TotalPay account.

For more information about these payroll options, visit the Payroll website at

Originally published on March 31, 2011