Penn Football Coaches

From originating plays such as “guards back” and “delayed pass,” to introducing scrimmage lines and the vocal “hut” signal for snapping the ball, Penn football coaches have played an integral role in the formation of America’s game. They also helped to develop shoulder and hip pads, the statistical scoreboard and dividing the game into quarters.

In this edition of By The Numbers, we go over Xs and Os with Penn football coaches.


Year in which Frank Dole became Penn’s first paid football coach.


Number of games George W. Woodruff won as football coach from 1892 to 1901. He compiled a 124-15-2 record, including undefeated seasons in 1894, 1895 and 1897.


Number of games Elwood Otto Wagenhurst played for the Philadelphia Quakers professional baseball team before accepting an invitation to become Penn’s football coach in 1888.


Year in which Carl S. Williams graduated from the Medical School. He succeeded Woodruff in 1902 and introduced a revised coaching system in which he served as head coach while other alumni served as assistants.


Age of George A. Munger when he became football coach in 1938. Over his 16-year Penn career, he compiled a 52-7-4 Ivy League record, winning 84 games overall.


Final score, according to Guinness World Records, of a 1916 game between Georgia Tech and Cumberland University. John Heisman coached Georgia Tech in the game, the biggest blowout in college football history. He later coached at Penn from 1920 to 1922.

Originally published on March 3, 2011