A new and easy website to create brochures, letterhead and ads

Interactive Communications

The Business Services Division has launched a new Print and Interactive Communications website to help members of the Penn community create everything from brochures, annual reports, letterhead and business cards, to media advertisements, websites and vehicle wraps.  

The website is filled with easy-to-use interactive resources that replace the functions previously performed by Penn Publication Services.

“In addition to providing a wide array of resources for your communications needs, the site offers new services to the University community, such as free campus photos and the ability to individually customize promotional items,” says Marie Witt, vice president of Business Services. “We are also introducing Singularity, our new strategic provider for media buying, to assist with cost-effective ad placement and campaign management.” 

Another new provider is Promoversity, a licensed supplier of Penn merchandise that allows users to order products with personal designs online. Consumers can choose from 200 different Penn-branded men and women’s apparel and promotional products, including T-shirts, pens, travel cups and tote bags.

Preferred providers listed on the website are pre-qualified, best-in-service firms, with dedicated account representatives and customer service support personnel familiar with Penn’s billing process, branding standards and use requirements.

The preferred providers offer favored pricing, ongoing communication about projects and timely delivery of orders to a specified location. In addition, Penn Purchasing staff members will help clients find the best firm to help with their projects and answer any questions users might have about the new website.

Originally published on July 14, 2011