By the Numbers: Penn Residential Services

Part of the Business Services Division, Penn Residential Services works closely with partner departments to support residents at the University in their academic endeavors, personal growth, and day-to-day lives on campus. Penn’s on-campus residences include 11 College Houses and two high-rise towers at Sansom Place.

Numbers - story

Steve Minicola

Move-In days are a busy time on campus as the University welcomes nearly 7,000 residents. Penn Residential Services works closely with the College Houses, Facilities and Real Estate Services, and the Division of Public Safety to make the beginning of the academic year go smoothly.

In this edition of By The Numbers, we move in with Penn Residential Services. 


Total number of students living on campus.


Number of iPads used for the first time this year during check-in.


Number of beds in the 24-floor Harrison College House, the most of any College House.


Number of students who share the last name “Lee,” the most popular surname of students in residence on campus.


Number of residents living in The Quad, made up of three College Houses: Ware, Riepe, and Fisher Hassenfeld.


Number of combined trades staff and housekeepers responsible for maintaining Residential & Hospitality Services buildings.


Number of keys distributed during Move-In.


Number of volunteers who worked with Residential Services to support Move-In.

Originally published on September 13, 2012