Ask Benny

Does Penn offer any leadership programs for women?

Dear Benny,
I love my job at Penn. I recently came to the University in a leadership role, and with the University’s supportive atmosphere, I already feel as though I’ve grown professionally. Still, I know there are certain career obstacles that come along with being a woman, no matter where you work. Does Penn have any programs in place specifically for women seeking to advance their leadership skills?
—Glass Ceiling Scaler

Dear Scaler,
You’re in luck! The Wharton School hosts a number of programs for executives seeking to advance their careers. In your case, it sounds like you’d be a great fit for Wharton’s Women Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success program.

The week-long program is designed specifically for female executives and those who aspire to leadership roles. It covers new ground as revealed by the latest Wharton faculty research in work motivation and engagement, career development, internal coaching, emotional intelligence, and women in leadership roles.

Two pillars of the program are clarity and confidence: giving participants the clarity to know one’s personal leadership style and career strengths, along with confidence in mastering the building blocks of business acumen.

Participants have the opportunity to gain insights to reimagine and further develop leadership skills, enhance their professional influence, improve business acumen by providing a more sophisticated understanding of skills, better understand nuances of negotiations, and emotional intelligence. Each afternoon, participants will break into small groups to integrate and put the day’s learnings into practice. Wharton faculty oversee the sessions, providing real-time coaching and feedback.

The next session takes place March 16-20. For more information and to register for the Women Executive Leadership program, visit or call 215-898-1776.