Ask Benny

Does Penn offer any swim classes for beginners?

Dear Benny,
I’m a proud member of the Pottruck Health and Fitness Center. You can usually find me on the third or fourth floor riding the stationary bikes or running on the treadmills. Recently, though, I’ve been nursing an injury and need to switch to a low-impact form of exercise. My doctor recommended swimming, but I can’t swim. Does Pottruck offer any swim classes for beginners?
— Fish Out of Water

Dear Fish Out of Water,
You’re in luck. The Pottruck Center is home to Sheerr Pool, an Olympic-sized facility fully equipped with a stair entrance and a handiaccessible chair. PennRec offers aquatic programming that can help you become a better swimmer through private or group swim lessons.

Participants of all levels and ages older than 5 are welcome to sign up for PennRec’s Individual Swim Lessons program. Swimmers will be able to maximize personalized instruction at Sheerr Pool with five- or 10-lesson packages that last 30 minutes each. Lessons are taught in a one-on-one format and are scheduled at your convenience and are taught at your skill level.

New swimmers are also welcome to sign up for the PennRec Group Adult Swim Lessons program, designed to help adults learn the basics of aquatics locomotion and safety, including water comfort and buoyancy, putting your face in the water, floating on your back and front, kicking, and basic arm motions.

All swim instructors are CPR/AED certified and have prior teaching experience. Many of them are also Water Safety Instructor certified.

Sheerr Pool also offers open swim during various time slots throughout the week. Lanes in the pool are designated for slow-, medium-, and fast-paced swimmers.

For more information on individual or group swim lesson pricing and registration, contact Aquatics Coordinator Dan Schupsky at, or visit the PennRec website.