Bike tales

With all the new bike lanes around campus, we wondered about peoples favorite routes. They told us that and plenty more.

square.gifSARAH GOLDFINE-WARD, Nursing Masters
Bike: An old, beat-up Huffy mountain bike.
Lives: 15th & Locust
I have a nicer bike at home, but I dont ride it here because I dont want it to get stolen. I take Lombard down to the South Street bridge. Its less busy than the Walnut Street bridge, which feels like a highway. Youre wearing a long skirt. How do you bike in that? I dont. I have shorts in my bag. You know, I hear about places that have bicycle garages where you can park your bike, and they have showers and lockers so you dont have to go to work all sweaty or carry your extra clothes everywhere. I wish they would do something like that here.
Anything to add? We need more bike routes, but the cars dont respect the ones we have, anyway.

square.gifPATTY GILSON, cook, White Dog Café
Bike: Schwinn mountain bike.
Lives: 48th & Osage
During the school year I take Walnut Street to work, but in the summer I ride through campus. Campus is better because (a) there are no cars and (b) there are trees and stuff. Its nice. I never used to wear a helmet until I got in an accident and cracked my head on the pavement. So now Im the helmet safety poster girl.

square.gifGORDON WITTY, Arts & Sciences Ph.D.
Bike: Ten-speed piece of crap. I got it out of the trash.
Lives: 46th & Baltimore
I come down Pine or Osage to 40th and cut over to Locust Walk. Why not Baltimore, which is more direct? The hill on Baltimore seems to go for two blocks instead of one. Im trying to expend the minimum amount of effort. I havent been in an accident yet, but its inevitable. Thats why I wear a helmet. Out here, on Spruce and Walnut, I try to stick to the sidewalks.

square.gifDAVID WHITCHER, Wharton MBA
Bike: new-looking mountain bike.
Lives: 21st & Chestnut.
I ride down Walnut to get here and take Chestnut home. Street or sidewalk? Street. Its faster, and I dont have to go up and down curbs. I come from Auckland, New Zealand. The streets here are much more busy. I live right at the trolley stop. Its very convenient. But biking is cheap, and its good exercise.

square.gifJOSH ROSEN, Wharton MBA
Bike: 6-year-old Gary Fisher mountain bike.
Lives: 20th & Locust.
As an undergrad, I lived at 40th and Pine. I would come across 40th, down Spruce until right across from Wawa, then cut through campus. During the school year you have to get off your bike on Locust Walk or the police will stop you.

Sara Marcus


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Originally published on August 31, 2000