Built and building

The construction zone that swallowed the heart of campus is gone, and the oldest student union in the nation is now the newest student union in the nation. Houston Hall is open for business.

It is part of the new center for student life on campus, Perelman Quadrangle, which provides places to eat, study, perform, play and meet. The complex also includes the new Wynn Commons plaza and renovations in Logan Hall, Williams Hall and Irvine Auditorium.

Nearing completion are two other construction projects that will affect the quality of student life.

First to finish: “The 750-plus car garage at 40th and Walnut streets is now open to students and staff,” stated Managing Director of Real Estate Tom Lussenhop. Freshgrocer.com, the market at street level, will open on or before Nov. 1.

As for the Sundance Film Center across the street, it “will target an opening date geared toward the coming season of independent film releases and festivals,” said Lussenhop. “This will likely follow the holidays. The precise date will be up to Sundance.”


Originally published on September 14, 2000