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It is being called the closest presidential race in recent history, but somehow our results came back overwhelmingly one-sided. When it comes to voicing their opinions on the next president, Penn students are not shy.

square.gifKevin Rodin, College 01
I will vote for Gore, mostly because I dont like Bush. Hes not smart enough to be president.

square.gifClara Teo, City and Regional Planning Masters
Al Gore. Im a Democrat, but issues like abortion and the environment are important, and he does a good job of portraying himself as a worthy candidate.

square.gifBrent McIvor, City and Regional Planning Masters
Gore I like his alternate energy program and Im pro-choice. Those are the two biggest issues, and Bush is trying too hard to link Gore with Clinton.

square.gifJen Ende, College 01
Gore, for the pro-choice issue. Not many issues are relevant to people our age. Also the environment is pertinent. Plus I like Lieberman more than Cheney.

square.gifAnthony Barr, College 01
I like Nader, but hes not going to win and I dont want sneaky little Bush for president.

square.gifNick Sommer, College 01
I dont think Ill know until I pull the curtain and then the moment of truth will hit me. I dont like either Gore will do whatever the polls tell him to do and Bush is just too much of a goofball. Gore is the biggest dork Ive ever seen in my life.

square.gifJay Wahl, College of General Studies
Im definitely not a Bush person, definitely more of a Gore person, based on where they come from. Texas politics are not favorable to gay rights or gun control. Its sort of geographic prejudice. However, Tippers views on censorship are a concern. If I had to pick anyone, I like Lieberman best Barbra Streisands endorsement is a big factor!

square.gifSteven Lauridsen, Engineering 03
Gore is the lesser of the two evils. Being from a conservative state like Nevada, I know how the opposite politics run and I dont agree with that.

square.gifStacy Carter, College 03
Its more that I dislike Bush than prefer Gore its the conservatism more than anything.

square.gifDana Gidney, College 01
Gore. First, for womens issues; Im definitely pro-choice. Also, that Bush is focused more on the top 1 percent of the economy, mid to lower classes will he helped more with Gore. The economy is stable; theres no real need for change.

square.gifJeffrey Cowan, Wharton 01
Im also for Gore, but my opinions are mainly economic. Bushs tax cut plans are ridiculous. We should continue the economy the way its been run; things have been going really well.

Katie Claypoole


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Originally published on October 26, 2000