New Year's resolutions

When it comes to resolutions, the traditional New Year’s biggies — lose weight, get fit, get finances in order, clean out that attic, get more sleep, watch less TV, eat more home cooking — aren’t that common among Penn students. Instead, it appears that our students had bigger, more metaphysical concerns on their minds at New Year’s. Penn students just want to be perfect.

Brushing and flossing every morning is not enough for this crowd. Check out their resolutions for the new year — enriching friendships, making friends with vegetables, and saving the world top the list for 2001. Of course, not everyone buys this whole New Year’s resolution business, as Sarah Zilinski made clear.

Kathleen Huang, College ’04
“I’m going to wake up for my morning classes.”

Sarah Zilinski, College ’04
“I don’t make New Year’s resolutions — it’s pointless because I don’t keep them.”

Carlos Gomez, College ’04
“I’m going to get more involved in my university community. Start a revolutionary organization.”

Samantha Katz, Wharton ’04
“To waste less time and try to be more committed to my activities and put more effort into them. It’s very easy to be lazy at school.”

Dan Levin, College ’04
“Study more efficiently.”

Zenia Zaveri, College ’01
“To stop worrying about the future and live in the moment.”

Kira Rosen, College ’01
“To not gossip.”

Pam Meredith, College ’01
“To have more fun — to enjoy life a little bit more. I should be hanging out with my friends more before we graduate.”

Max Goodman, College ’01
“To find a job and get paid. To quickly find a job and be proactive about it.”

Rachel Foltz, College ’03
“To keep in touch with my friends from home who I’ve started losing touch with.”

Judah Lebow, College ’03
“There are not enough veggies in my life.”

Amy Strain, College ’01
“I’m doing an independent study this spring where I have to lecture to a high school class. So my resolution will be to have an impact on the minds of youth and show them that you can do great things with an English major!”

Kris Mehok, College ’01
“To become a morning person. I respect morning people a lot. I’d like to turn over a new leaf.”

Som Dalal, College ’04
“To go out more and meet more people, try new things.”

Ryan Stewart, Engineering ’04
“To study a lot more. In the fall semester I didn’t do it so well.”

— Katie Claypoole



Originally published on January 18, 2001