Early achievers

The competition to get into Penn gets stiffer with each passing year. Just how much stiffer is reflected in this year’s early-decision admissions figures.

A record-high 2,851 prospective students applied for early decision admission to Penn’s Class of 2005, and a record-low 36.2 percent of these, or 1,033, were admitted, according to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Last year, 38.8 percent (997) of the 2,570 early-decision applicants were admitted.

The early-decision students make up 44 percent of the incoming freshman class, two points up from last year and the highest percentage ever admitted via early decision.

The overall quality of the applicant pool continued its steady climb, with SAT scores up slightly over last year’s.

Dean of Admissions Lee Stetson said, “This promises to be another banner year for Penn admissions in terms of applications and quality. With 44 percent of the class admitted early, we will be even more selective in regular decision than previously, with overall selectivity also increasing.”


Originally published on February 1, 2001