Great date spots

Valentine’s Day approaches, and all across campus, thoughts turn to romance. What to do to show that special someone that he or she truly is special?

Sure, a dozen roses are a classic gesture. But a wonderful date is even nicer. So where to go? Luckily for our respondents, Philadelphia is chock-full of restaurants and clubs offering mood and food for just about every taste, and sure enough, just about every mood and food shows up in their answers, from the ne plus ultra luxury of Le Bec-Fin to the terminally hip Continental. (We hope Christina Kim has saved up for her date.) And for those not satisfied with just dinner, there’s always coffee afterwards.

Emma Whitfield, Wharton ’03
“White Dog Cafe. I like their atmosphere.”

Esther Boettger, College ’01
“I would go to Mahogany because it’s a really cool … cigar bar.”

Laura Andrews, College ’03
“Marrakesh, because it’s very secluded and it feels like you entered a different country.”

Helen Amsterdam, Wharton ’04
“The Latest Dish is a really cool place; it’s off of South Street.”

Christina Kim, College ’02
“Le Bec-Fin. I heard it was a really nice place, and I’ve been wanting to go for a while now.”

Anya Vodopyanor, College ’03
“Cuba Libre. Great decor and atmosphere.”

Karl Boog, Wharton ’02
“Tequila’s would be a fun place to go. They have great food, good atmosphere, and a good wait staff.”

Sabine Botka, Wharton ’03
“There’s this live jazz bar called Zanzibar Blue that I would like to go to.”

Petter Hagen, Wharton ’02
“The Swann Lounge at Four Seasons is a very classy place. They also have the best desserts.”

David Punda, Wharton ’02
“Whenever I have a date I go to La Colombe. They have the perfect atmosphere.”

Radko Tejnsky, Wharton ’02
“Deux Cheminees is this very nice French restaurant, but it can be a bit pricey.”

Sally Chaung, College ’03
“I went to Astral Plane once. They have a good variety of food, so you can never go wrong.”

Allen Jun, College ’02
“The place to see and to be seen is Continental. If you go, don’t forget to wear black!”

Daniel Kim, College ’03
“A good place to go after dinner is Xando downtown. It’s perfect for chatting.”

Jennifer Lim, College ’03
“Rouge has nice dim lights, so it has a real cozy feel, but it can get a little loud sometimes.”

—Elena Kim



Originally published on February 1, 2001