Midwinter pick-me-ups

The photo on the March calendar has happy spring flowers, but for now, winter blusters on. What is the magical cure for the winter blahs when it seems like the sun will never shine again? No one we asked suggested going where the sun never stops shining Antarctica. Fortunately, most of the cures were simpler, cheaper and local. Check them out and feel better soon.

square.gifAnnie Farmer, College 01 & Andy Grossman, College 01
Go and buy a new orange or red shirt and a new CD and go home and listen to it while wearing the shirt like we just did and are planning to do.

square.gifAnand Mehta, Wharton 02
I go to Xando, because it is warm there, and have a nice hot mocha. They should serve free ones of those on campus.

square.gifBrooke Anthony, College 01
Get some sunlight real or artificial. Only you have to know.

square.gifRoy Aneed, Wharton 01
The steam room at Gimbel it really relaxes you.

square.gifJennifer Fried, Law 02
Sues Produce on Chestnut and 20th they have very good produce. It reminds me of summer to eat fresh fruit.

square.gifUlrike Graalfs, College 03
Make yourself some tea and enjoy the beautiful sights of winter. Change the way you look at it.

square.gifIlana Derman, College 01
You could go get a spa treatment. I think it would be relaxing and reinvigorating to renew my soul. Then again, a good dessert always helps.

square.gifAlex Scebold, Fine Arts Masters
Taking trips to break up the monotony of the month.

square.gifNicole Larossa, Fine Arts Masters
Yoga. Warm fires. Hot chocolate.

square.gifZarina Parpia, College 03
I really dont mind them I live in Seattle. The only thing that bothers me is the wind chill factor. A North Face jacket or staying inside is the cure for that.

square.gifNeil King, Wharton MBA 01
Im going to Mardi Gras this weekend that should cure my winter blahs.

square.gifAlex Fisher, College 01
Get up and do something new. Go to Manayunk for the day, to a new restaurant or new place.

square.gifAduke Thelwell, visiting student from Swarthmore, 03
Going to the gym and working out. The thing that annoys me is being cooped up and jittery. Exercise releases those endorphins.

square.gifZiggy Kulessa, Engineering and Applied Science Masters
There is no cure for the winter blahs. The only cure is spring.

square.gifBella Wong, Wharton 03
Going home to Florida.

Katie Claypoole


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Originally published on March 1, 2001