Campus plan

The Nursing and Biomedical Research buildings are hidden behind the Medical School. And the School of Dental Medicine is out at 40th Street.

Integrating those far-flung buildings into the center of campus and bridging the gap between campus and Center City were some of the issues tackled by the new Campus Development Plan approved by a Trustees’ resolution last month.

The proposal advocates preserving and extending the three main paths through campus — Locust Walk, Woodland Walk and 36th Street — as physical conduits for the exchange of academic ideas.

The plan also aims to improve the connection between campus and Center City by developing the gap between the Schuylkill River bridges and campus and by building a pedestrian bridge to Center City from what will be the new eastern end of Locust Walk.

Other goals included giving a sense of being on campus from the moment of entry and enhancing the nearby neighborhoods.

Olin Partnership developed the plan in consultation with students, faculty and staff.


Originally published on March 22, 2001